Tessère has been a certified organic company since 2012. 
Producing organic wine means being respectful of the environment by combining tradition, innovation and a pinch of madness. 
To prevent vine diseases, only natural substances (copper and sulfur) or plant extracts are used in the vineyard to stimulate its immune response. No pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides are used.
With rigorous pruning, the mowing of the grass between the rows of vines only when necessary, with the trimming of surpluses, the vineyard is managed and the beneficial insects and bees that help nature maintain its balance are not killed.
The grape production is sometimes lower than conventional agriculture but healthier and the biodiversity is preserved. We try to return to the soil what we take away with the cultivation of the vine.
The harvest is done strictly by hand choosing only the healthy bunches in such a way as to intervene as little as possible later in the winery. The pressing is soft to release the best part of the grapes; the fermentation takes place with indigenous yeasts to enhance the expression of the grape in the area in which it is produced.
After adequate aging, the wine is bottled in our winery.
We guarantee the supply chain from grapes to wine by putting our face on it and guaranteeing the consumer in return.
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