History and Tradition

Tessère began as a traditional activity of grape production, winemaking and bottling.
Soon we switched to natural organic production, respectful of the environment, expanding the range of wines with the drying of the Raboso Piave grape and the refermentation in bottle of the Raboso wine typical of the Venetian tradition.

Here time and passion have perfected and enhanced this ancient and indigenous vine, creating small masterpieces.

In the company you can breathe an air rich in history, the area around Tessère is rich in finds and legacies from the Roman era. There are in fact numerous discoveries of amphorae, mosaics and more in the area. Of particular importance are the mosaics of the 4th century AD. found in the municipality of the winery. We wanted to pay homage to the territory by taking these shapes as logos' ideas for our labels.

In an inclusive environment, diversified educational farm activities are promoted for young and old for an experiential knowledge of work in the fields and in the winery in contact with nature.


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